Fundamentals Of Programming And Software Development

  • This course will provide students with an understanding of basic software development concepts and practices, issues affecting the software industry, careers within the software industry, and the skills necessary to perform well in these occupations.

  • Students will learn details about core concepts in programming using Java. Concepts include writing and debugging code, proper syntax, flow of control, order of operations, comparison operators, and program logic tools and models. They will learn the function of key program techniques, including if statements, looping, and arrays. They will also learn about web development using HTML and drag-and-drop development of user interfaces in an Integrated Development environment.

  • Students will also learn about the software development life cycle and the different variations used to create software. They will learn about different programming languages and paradigms. They will learn about the importance of usability and user centered design processes. Students will also learn about careers in the software industry, the education and skills required to work in the industry, and related career resources. Finally, the capstone project will allow students to explore and state opinions on key issues and trends impacting the software industry, and to learn about the experience of working in the industry.

Major Concepts:

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Introduction to Java Programming

  • Java Math Operations

  • Programming

  • Advanced Programming

  • Flowcharts Mapping

  • HTML Images, Links, and Web Development Tools

  • GUI Programming and Web Applications

Grade 9-12
One Semester