Fundamentals Of Digital Media

  • Fundamentals of Digital Media presents an overview of the different types of digital media and how they are used in the world today. This course examines the impact that digital media has on culture and lifestyle. The course reviews the basic concepts for creating effective digital media and introduces a number of different career paths related to digital media.

  • Students learn about the tools used as well as best practices employed for creating digital media. This includes an overview of the new media creation process and the basics concepts of project management.

  • In the course, students explore topics such as the use of social media, digital media in advertising, digital media on the World Wide Web, digital media in business, gaming and simulations, e-commerce, and digital music and movies. Students also review the ethics and laws that have an impact digital media use or creation.

Major Concepts:

  • Introduction to Digital and Online Media Types

  • Digital Media in Business and Society

  • Digital Media: Effectiveness and Production

  • Project Management and Social Media

  • Gaming, Simulations, Websites, and Apps

  • Creating Websites

  • Web Pages and E-commerce

  • Trends in Digital and Online Media

Grade 9-12
One Semester